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"Le travail c'est l'amour rendu visible"

Musical and Healing instruments maker

Kora, Native flute, Monochord, Sound bed, Drums
Sound Healing, Sound Journey

Drum making courses


sangita vana

shamanic drum

monochord table

native american flute

kora maker


They ordered  at Sangita Vana:

Rémi Harent - Creator of  Mayura  


For me sangita Vana.. It is above all a particular attention.. A natural symbiosis between a noble material and a loving craftsman.  such a  Leprechaun addicted to his forest, he will take you into a  Universe mixing technique and magic with the  most beautiful wood chosen... Musician informed and curious about everything.  I had the chance to test several of his instruments such as Kora, flute, guitar or kalimba... And believe me, it's worth his  heavy in gold.. It is difficult to imagine so much technicality and soul united in an instrument.. But with him it is nevertheless true.. What comes out of the workshop is like an Entity, a journey. Thank you Clement

Thomas Rocourt - Medicine Man  co-founder of  Emotions in Motion

"I bought a drum from Clément. Eyes closed. I have full confidence in the care, presence and love he puts into his work. He creates much more than instruments, he offers tools- medicine for the world. The drum has been with me for a few days and already, it heals, makes it vibrate, filled with joy, anchors... my being and that of my loved ones (the neighborhood too, haha). The finish is neat; is beautiful, harmonious. The mere presence of this drum amazes. Thank you Clément, it is precious what you offer"

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