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I present to you the Native American Flutes and  Maya.

Traditionally they are instruments of rituals and  ceremonies. They are very intuitive instruments very easy to play, they do not require any  musical predisposition  to quickly get out of it pretty melodies.  As for the  making Kora I wear a  special interest in  respect for traditions and am very sensitive and attentive to  spiritual and sacred parts of  instruments however the objects that I propose  are above all  perfectly tuned musical instruments (440Hz  or 432Hz), where accuracy and sound quality take precedence.

I am currently making 3 models  (soon new types of flutes will be offered):

.Native American flute  simple

.American Indian double flute  (drone)

.Flute  Mayan Temple (tunable drone)

The Native American flute is a 6-hole flute, allowing to play the scale  minor pentatonic (5 notes plus  the octave so  6 notes) for its traditional mode but it is also possible to extend to other scales (see scale fingerings below  of pages).

Native American Flutes

Double Native American flutes

Exactly like the simple Native American flute except that here there are two columns of air, one with holes to play the melody and the second without holes to play the drone (or bumblebee). The drone is tuned to the fundamental of the flute, it gives an even deeper, more captivating presence and sound.

The two holes at the mouthpiece allow each column of air to be played independently and therefore to be played with or without the drone.

Mayan Temple Flutes

Exactly like the Native American double flute  except here the drone is tunable, 3  holes with removable plugs allow to choose between the 5  drone notes.

This instrument offers a great wealth of sound and melodies.


The piece on the top of the flute intended for  directing the air towards the whistle and thus producing the sound is called the Totem. It is removable in order to clean the instrument and remove the humidity created by condensation during play. Traditionally and generally it is maintained by a leather lace.

I invented a new means of maintenance allowing to remove and put it back much more quickly  thanks to small magnets  embedded in  each  pieces of wood.


The options

. Fixing the Totems with laces or magnets

.Sculpture of  Custom totems

.Central thread

.Wood species different from  body at mouth and bell

.Precious wood

.Others: your inspirations will be mine


Scale fingerings

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