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rock balancing blocks

"Rock balancing" is an art that  consists  at  stack stones and so on  player  with the principles of gravity and balance. This hobby is usually practiced in nature and more  particularly  in rivers, sometimes the stacking of certain stones together can  turn out  complex, it is a game of patience and meditation.

I propose a variant with  handmade wooden pieces. Each piece is unique, I offer two levels of difficulty, one for children and a second for older children.

This game can be played  alone or at  many.  

Prices :   - the set of 5 pieces 45€

         - the set of 7 pieces 55€  

         - piece per unit 1 1€  

Delivered with its cover in  fabric dyes  plants carried out  through  wild  friends who make cosmetic products and vegetable dyes with natural and ethical products.

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