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The little sister of the soundboard  more compact but just as attractive and bewitching by its harmonic richness.

Monochord comes from the English term "monochord" which translates into a single chord, on the models that I offer there are therefore two blocks of strings, one for the fundamental and the second for the fifth (the two notes that make up a chord not colored neither major nor minor).

It is a perfect instrument for sound journeys, which invites you to sing.

I chose in the design of these instruments that they vibrate as harmoniously as possible, so I chose to work with high-end lutherie wood (used for guitars and violins), to use techniques similar to violin making.

The dimensions of each instrument are proportionate to the golden number.

The vibration created by the strings and amplified by the soundboard is transmitted to the back plate by a "soul" system so that the player can fully benefit from the acoustic and mechanical vibratory massage.  

Removable feet allow the instrument 

to be played standing or seated without placing it on the knees.



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