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Drum making workshops in small groups or individually

-Prochaine date du 29/04 au 5/05 à Brocéliande en Bretagne

Making your own drum is a wonderful experience.
During these 2 days I will guide you in the creation of your object and the link that you will establish with it.
Musical instrument, sacred object, ritual... whatever its role, I will accompany you for a realization in consciousness and in connection with yourself.
In this journey of creation I invite you in different practices of connection, of reliance to yourself and beyond.
I have not followed a Shamanic teaching and therefore these courses will not include these notions, however each teaching that I propose being in a holistic approach I will share with you my approaches and my ways of working in this sacred sense, in the lightness and joy.

For this support I welcome you to my home in Les Carroz in Haute-Savoie, 3 people maximum.
Accommodation included (studio with 2 double beds).

If you are interested I invite you to contact me to arrange a date together.

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