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Harmonic Tables

The harmonic table, or monochord table, is a  Sound therapy tool produced in collaboration with Rémi Laignelot.

The table is made up of 55 strings all tuned  to the  same frequency or divided into two blocks of two notes ​ distinct. Fundamental and fifth, C and G for the one presented in the video on the  left .

The tray  top of the table  resonance allows  to comfortably accommodate a person lying down to receive all the sound and vibration benefits.

A second person seated at his  quoted  play  the strings located on the board  lower and thus brings in  the vibrating table.
The table can also be played in 3 different positions for seated reception use or for solo play.

This acoustic experience leads to deep relaxation and sensory awareness. The physical transmission of sound creates a unique sound massage.

Dimensions:  .Length 2m10 for the elongated surface,  

           2m30 overall

           .Width 80cm

           .Height 90cm 

Options:  .Table with fixed top

        .Table  with mobile tray 3 positions      

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