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The drums have several  utilities, musical instrument, ritual, care, trance...

It is found in several cultures where it is mainly used by shamans.


For my part, I did not follow a shamanic teaching

but I like to use this object for rituals, treatments and also as a musical instrument, it often accompanies me during intuitive songs. Each achievement is accompanied by a connection to the skin, the wood and the person who orders me.

The choice of animal skins is for a sound and energy criterion, this will give a warmer sound, with more harmonics than a synthetic skin, finally the energy conveyed by the chosen animal will accompany in a different way.

The only disadvantage of animal skins is that they are sensitive to humidity.

In humid conditions the skin softens the sound of the drums becomes duller, more serious.

Conversely, in dry conditions, the skin tightens and offers a drier, more acute sound.

It is also what gives life to a drum, its character depending on the place, the weather outside or  your indoor weather...  

I propose a tunable option using an air chamber housed between the skin and the frame, thus allowing you to play on the tension of the skin and therefore its timbre according to your desires, but also to compensate for the conditions of humidity or drought.  

There are two ways to acquire a drum either by placing an order with me or by participating in a workshop that I organize where you will make your own.

Here is the list of materials used for my Drums:

.Skin of Deer, Horse, Cow... (others according to arrivals)

.Beech, Ash, Maple, Cherry wood frames

.Bicycle inner tube for tunable drums


Diameters:  30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 60cm

Each drum is accompanied by a mallet, possibility to order additional mallets

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