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Journey to the heart of oneself through sound vibration

From a very young age, I have observed the power of sounds, music, the sound environment outside me and its action on me.
Little by little I came to observe my musicality, my own sounds and their effects on me and outside of me.
Their pleasant effects but also those which are less so, false notes, harmonies and disharmonies...
I invite you during this accompaniment to share my experiences with you and bring to your consciousness the parallels between music and the own music of your life, the sound vibration and its link with all the vibrations that we are offered to feel, see , hear... and expand our fields of perception for a much more fluid and harmonious life.

This course takes place over 3 days, I will offer you musical practices, songs, bodypercussion, Qi Gong, Movements... Simple exercises that do not require any prerequisites that are aimed at experienced musicians as well as non-musicians.

For more information and requests for future dates contact me.

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