Sound Journeys

A traveler at heart, I had to go to the other side of the planet to realize that the journey is above all interior and that there are several vectors to connect to it. So I chose the sound vibration to make you travel, I guide you to the sound of voice, guitar, drums, flute, Handpan, crystal bowl, monochord, chime. Travel, treatments, relaxation, meditation, siesta, entertainment... Everyone will have their own experience.

Upcoming dates

- Yin Yoga with Margot and Sound Journey - Center Sesam Lyon - 3/12/21
  Ticket office:   yin-yoga      sound journey
- Wuo Tai and Sound Journey with Zoé - Home studio café Grenoble - 4/12/21

- Sound journey - Espace Shen Men Grenoble - 5/12/21

- Traditional Indian singing workshop by Sanjay Khan and Voyage sonore
  Les Carroz d'Araches - 12/12/21

- Sound journey - Sankriti Scionzier - 20/12/21

  Do you want a sound journey at home in your living room?


  I travel only in the Rhône Alpes region   


Price: €200 + kilometer package (free within a 20km radius around Les Carroz)